Everything You Need To Know When Getting A Tattoo With Us!

How To Decide On A Perfect Tattoo For You!


Deciding on a tattoo design can be frustrating. With so much to choose from and your desire to make your tattoo unique sometimes clients become overwhelmed. This is a great guideline to follow when you begin your search.

Guide To Choosing Your Next Tattoo!

What To Expect During Your Consultation!


Being Prepared For Your Consultation Is Essential To The Tattoo Process. The more you as a client are prepared, the more we as artists can guide you into the perfect tattoo for you.

Being Prepared For Your Consultation!

Being Prepared For Your Tattoo Appointment!


Being prepared for your tattoo makes all the difference. Your comfort during the tattoo process relies on following these steps. Being prepared helps lessen the pain of the process and allows the artist to comfortably tattoo you.

Tattoo Appointment Preparations!

Your Responsibility After The Tattoo Is Complete!


Tattoo aftercare is your responsibility. Once you leave our shop its on you to maintain good healing practices. After the tattoo is healed there are some things you can do and avoid doing to keep your tattoo looking its best.

Aftercare and Tattoo Longevity!