Tattoo Aftercare Instructions:

Tattoo aftercare is the single most important part of the tattooing process. It’s up to you to follow through with all aftercare instructions. How well you take care of your tattoo during the healing period will determine how clean and in focus the tattoo will be for its lifetime. From the minute you walk out of the shop the integrity of the tattoo is in your hands. If you follow through with these easy to follow instructions your tattoo should look as good as it did when the tattoo was finished.

Cleaning the tattoo:
This is not a once a day process. You have to keep the tattoo area clean of airborne micro organisms that everyone comes into contact with every day. 3 cleanings a day is a good number. If your job or lifestyle requires it, increase the amount of times a day you clean the tattoo area. Always make sure your hands are clean before washing the tattooed area, as well as when applying Aquaphor Advanced Healing. To clean the tattoo area, use a clear non-scented liquid anti-bacterial soap (Dial Gold is best). Gently wash the tattoo area, as well as the area around the tattoo using soap and warm water. Rinse thoroughly as the soap residue can cause healing problems. Be sure that if you somehow end up with a smear of any foreign substance on the tattoo or come into contact with anything that is questionable on the tattoo area you wash immediately. Don’t wait for convenience. This is a permanent marking you will live with for the rest of your life.

Aquaphor: Advanced Healing:
Be sure to clean the tattoo area any time you feel Aquaphor is needed. Do not overwhelm your tattoo with too much Aquaphor at a time. We recommend only applying Aquaphor if your tattoo is dry/itching, or when it's going to be exposed. A thin layer is enough to protect it. When you apply a fresh application of Aquaphor it not only keeps the tattoo moist so the tattoo doesn’t scab, break and leach ink, but it also creates a safe barrier on the airborne micro organisms we discussed in the cleaning section of this aftercare document. If you place clean Aquaphor over Aquaphor that has been on the tattoo for a period of time you are rubbing these organisms into your skin, and this can lead to infection or worse. Cleaning the tattoo area before reapplying Aquaphor is imperative to the healing process.

Any aftercare questions you may have during the healing process feel free to call the shop at(607) 323-6031.