Prepare for your tattoo with Live 2 Imagine Tattoo Studio


Have your Aftercare Products Ready!

 Be sure you purchase your aftercare products before your tattoo appointment. Check out our Aftercare Page to see what you need. 

Aftercare Instructions

Wear the Correct Clothing!

 The area to be tattooed and the surrounding area need to be visible and unrestricted by tight clothing, jewelry, hair, etc. We need the skin to be tattooed relaxed and not distorted. This is as much to help with the pain of the tattoo process as it is the execution of a clean well placed tattoo. Be sure you are OK with the clothing you wear being potentially stained with tattoo ink. We take precautions to prevent this but it does happen. Sweat pants, Tank Tops, Hair Ties, Swim Suits, and Shorts are some Keywords that come to mind when dressing for a tattoo appointment.  

Bring Your ID

 NO ID NO TATTOO NO EXCEPTIONS. Bring a legal official unexpired picture ID on your appointment date. This will be verified when you fill out your tattoo consent form.  

Bringing a Friend?

 We welcome you to bring a friend. Just one though. We have limited room through out the shop and the more people the more distractions to the artists. This is a flexible recommendation, not a hard fast rule.  

While In The Tattoo Room!

 While in the tattoo room do not touch any counters, inks, stations, paper towels, etc. Do not set your things on the counters, beds, chairs, or stations. DO NOT USE THE GARBAGE CANS IN THE TATTOO ROOM. Everything in the tattoo room is classified as sterile or contaminated. Help us reduce the risk of cross contamination.

Absolutely no food in the tattoo room. You can bring a drink in but it must have a top. 

If you bring a guest and they are invited into the tattoo room guests need to avoid contact with our clients, furniture, and artists. If they are moving in or out of the room they need to move slowly and with awareness to their surroundings. A guest tapping your chair while we are pulling a precise line won't go over well with you or your artist. Guest should wait for an artist to provide a seat for them. Do not sit without an artist showing where to sit. Again help us reduce the risk of cross contamination.